Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pat Burrell retires, a look back at the legend

Long time Phillie Pat Burrell has officially retired. For his career, he was an alright player(21.9 fWAR, 18.7 brWAR) but not a great player, which unfortunately caused some fans to resent him. Compared to other long time Phillies, those numbers are in the same vicinity as Larry Bowa and Mike Lieberthal. While a good offensive player(career 117 wRC+) his defense and slowness on the base paths hurt his value. Still, he'll always be remembered and appreciated as a member of the 2008 World Series Championship team.

However, much of Pat Burrell's legacy derive from the stories off the field bookended by a picture near the beginning of his career and a popular video at the end.

The Machine at Barry Zito's

"Mind if I take care of business?"

""Your _______ is jealous!"

"Drink her" and more

Dio- "Holy Diver"

Don Henley- "Dirty Laundry"


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